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Here are some quick hits on business blogs:

The Wall Street Journal blog reports on two restaurants involved in a lawsuit to determine who is most harmful to your health.  Well, sort of.  The Heart Attack Grill, an Arizona eatery, filed a federal lawsuit against the owners of Heart Stoppers Sports Grill, a Florida restaurant, accusing them of stealing the idea for an unhealthy menu.  

Victoria Pynchon of the Settle It Now blog is trying to decide on a cover for her conflict resolution book entitled "A is for Asshole, the ABC’s of Conflict Resolution."  If the cover is anything like the title, it should be a hit seller.

Edward McNally of the Delaware Business Litigation Blog has a helpful post that links to a new Delaware case for anyone looking for ways to calculate money damages or breach of a non-compete agreement.  Many times, these cases are resolved with injunctions or temporary restraining orders.  It is not very common to actually get to the issue of monetary damages for breach of a non-compete agreement.   This new case provides some ideas on how to calculate damages.

Megan Erickson’s Social Networking Blog discusses Facebook’s concerns over identifying its responsibilities for privacy of its 350 million users.

 Maxwell Kennerly’s Litigation and Trial Blog digests recent Third Circuit law in two different cases involving first amendment and privacy rights for students creating fake MySpace pages.

 The Business Law Prof Blog has an interesting post about turning a simple contractual relationship into a fiduciary relationship.  Once a fiduciary relationship is established, it can have significant implications on the outcome of litigation.  A mere contractual relationship is not significant enough to form a fiduciary relationship absent other special factors.  One of my prior posts covers breach of fiduciary duty in Connecticut.

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