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This blog addresses a wide range of legal topics in Connecticut that impact small to mid-size businesses.  I have been representing the small business market for more than 25 years.  I typically represent sellers, buyers, and operators in transactions and lawsuits. I have been posting on this blog for more than 10 years with practical tips, war stories, and case outcomes.  I turned many of my blog posts into my first book “Bullet Proof Your Business, 10 Tips from 10 years of Business Disputes.”  You can get a free copy on my website home page.  In my book, I wrote about real life cases of what went wrong before the big fight and how business owners might avoid similar problems.  My goal is to provide information to help my readers avoid the traps that result is wasted time, high cost, and emotional expense of business litigation.

I hope my posts will provide you some insight on recent legal developments in Connecticut to assist your business and individual legal needs.

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Attorney Neyah Kane Bennett

I have been an attorney in practice for over 25 years.  When I started my career, I took a job as a prosecutor in a jurisdiction with serious crime.  The pay was terrible of course, but the experience was the real value.  I tried my first jury case the day I passed the bar exam.  The experience of trying cases nearly every day paved the way for the rest of my career.  I left the prosecutor’s office and moved on to one of Connecticut’s largest trial and litigation firms.  After reaching the level of partner, I went out on my own and started a small firm.  My law practice now includes representation of individuals and businesses in a range of matters such as breach of contract, business disputes, trade and commerce, technology, and employment. I also provide general counsel services for small and mid-sized businesses. In this role, I advise business owners and management on a range of legal issues to include contract drafting, risk management, litigation, and employment. I practice law throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts in both state and federal courts.  I have developed in depth experience in the matters of partnership disputes such as expulsions and breach of fiduciary duty, and shareholder dissolution actions and derivative claims.

Our Firm

Aeton Law Partners

I am the managing partner of Aeton Law Partners LLP.   We have 4 offices across Connecticut in Middletown, New Haven, Bristol, and Vernon.

At Aeton, we bring a wide range of experience in these matters and understand the complexities of business disputes. Our understanding of these issues allows us to help craft common sense solutions and avoid wasting time and resources in litigation and fight to the end at trial when necessary.  If you look at our case history, you will see that the attorneys at Aeton have numerous active business disputes cases in state court, federal court, and arbitration.  This provides our firm a great benefit because one of our business attorneys has typically handled most types of business disputes.

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Bulletproof Your Business: Lessons from the Trenches of Nasty Litigation Disputes

There is a saying in the legal industry that in a typical business dispute the only one that wins are the attorneys. Sadly, this sometimes happens. Lawyers take in fees that are better spent on creative deal making to avoid wasting time, money, and opportunities.  I can sometimes tell very early in an engagement whether the other side in a case “gets it.”  By “gets it” I mean do they understand this area of law?  Do they know the strength and weaknesses of their claims?  Do they have common sense to make a business deal?  My approach over the years is simple:  Try to avoid costly litigation with creative deal making, but fight to win when you cannot.  I share several of my cases in my first book “Bullet Proof Your Business.” You can request a free copy at this link. Give Me The Book.  The book is based on my experiences with business owners in litigation and the top 10 lessons learned from handing these disputes. I also recently launched an alternative dispute resolution practice specifically tailored to handling mediation of business disputes. These cases are often complex and not easily understood by the typical mediators.

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