Laticrete Responds To 50 Million Dollar Verdict

Following my post about the Dur-A-Flex v. Laticrete jury verdict, I received a statement from Laticrete’s CEO, David Rothberg.  You can read the full statement here.   Mr. Rothberg stated that he is "extremely disappointed in the verdict." He added that the jury finding against Laticrete was "absolutely baseless."  He left no secret as to Laticrete’s post trial plans as he says the company intends a vigorous defense on appeal.

Trial counsel for Laticrete, Elizabeth Stewart, confirmed to me today that Laticrete does expect to appeal.  She commented that no decisions have been made yet on which issues Laticrete will raise on appeal.  Attorney Stewart had no further comments on the case.   

One of the most intriguing aspects to the appeal in this case is that Judge Eveleigh presided over the trial.  Judge Eveleigh has a very good reputation as a trial court judge.  In addition, he is now set to take a seat on the Connecticut Supreme Court.  I do not know yet what potential grounds might exist for the appeal, but I can say it seems very likely Judge Eveleigh considered the potential appellate issues in this case very closely.   

Stay tuned.  I expect there will be additional posts on this case.

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