Social Media Attorney – A New Niche To Address A Growing Concern For Business

I have written several posts on risk management and litigation arising out of social networking or media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Dan Schwartz’s Employment Law Blog includes coverage of a variety of concerns with use of social media and the need for internal policies and procedures.  While Dan’s blog covers employment law and this blog covers business litigation, social media ends […]

Wondering Where The Line Is On Internet Privacy – – Just Watch Facebook

My firm receives many calls from new or existing businesses with Internet privacy questions.  Many calls come from e-commerce businesses, start ups, or businesses that want to utilize information gathered from users accessing their Web sites. Some business owners have ideas or concepts that test the limit on use of user profiles, preferences, and content.  The question becomes, just what are […]

New Study Shows Small Businesses Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

The National Cyber Security Alliance recently released a new study with some startling numbers concerning small businesses and the threat of data loss, security breach, or cyber attack.  Some of the key numbers obtained from polling small business owners include: 65% store customer information on computer systems 43% store financial records 33% store credit card […]

Business Litigation Blog Roundup

Here are some quick hits from Blogs I read around the country on business litigation. Dionne Searcey of the Wall Street Journal law blog reports on the intellectual property fight over the red, white, and blue "Hope" image of President Barrack Obama created by Los Angeles artist Shepard Fairey.  Fairey is claiming his rights to […]

New Laws In Connecticut Affecting Business

A whole series of new laws went into effect starting October 1, 2009.  For a full list of the laws you can find a link on Dan Schwartz’s Employment Law Blog.  For a humorous “quick and dirty” summary you can go to Ryan McKeen’s Connecticut Law Blog. If you want to know the new taxes and […]

Technology Tips For Connecticut Businesses To Avoid Litigation

As part of this Blog, I am going to regularly post technology tips for any Connecticut business to manage risks and avoid lawsuits. These tips will be based on a presentation I did for the Hartford Business Journal’s Etechnology Summit concerning technology bombs that can sink a business. Here’s todays tip for Connecticut businesses to avoid financial loss as a result of datal loss and […]

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