Can You Fix a Mistake in a Contract after Everyone Signs It?

The answer is – sometimes.  A recent case in Connecticut provides an example of how courts can offer a remedy for unilateral and mutual mistakes in a contract by an action for contract reformation.  The case was Stamford Property Holdings, LLC v. Dorian Jashari, et al. In the case, a plaintiff lessor sued defendant lessees, […]

Appellate Court Upholds Unique Method for Shareholders to Access Records

When a minority shareholder in a corporation seeks financial and management records, the shareholder must make a statutory “books and records” request or rely on provisions in a shareholder agreement or corporate by-laws.  A recent appellate court case upheld yet a third way for aggrieved shareholders to obtain corporate books and records. It is called […]

Business Lawsuit Roundup

New Connecticut business litigation decisions and lawsuits of interest for February 2011: Appellate Decisions: Schirmer v. Souza The Appellate Court upheld an award in favor of the plaintiffs on claims of unjust enrichment concerning renovations to a residence on defendants’ property. In a somewhat strange set of facts, the plaintiffs loaned money to the occupants […]

Connecticut Business Lawsuit Roundup

As a new addition in 2011, I am going to regularly feature new business lawsuits along with the usual trial and appellate decisions of interest in Connecticut.  Here’s the first installment: Appellate Court: Cianci v. Original Werks, LLC  Appellate Court finds that $150,000 mechanic’s lien was timely filed despite claim that it was made after statutory […]

Bysiewicz, Blumethal, and Hulk Hogan …. Oh My

Some noteworthy Connecticut lawsuits, and of course, continuing coverage of Hulk Hogan…. The Bysiewicz for Connecticut Attorney General saga continues.  Is she qualified or not?  Is the statute that seems to preclude her from running unconstitutional?  Will voters elect an Attorney General with essentially no significant experience representing regular clients?  Common sense says "no", but […]

Business Blog Round Up: YouTube, Coffee Cups, Anna Nicole and Identify Theft

  Ashby Jones of Wall Street Journal blog writes an intriguing post about the Google and Viacom lawsuit concerning Viacom’s claims of copyright infringement against YouTube (Google subsidiary).  The post recites how Viacom employees were uploading copyrighted copies of their own videos to YouTube to help prove that YouTube was not promptly removing videos that […]

Business Blog Round Up

Here are some quick hits on business blogs: The Wall Street Journal blog reports on two restaurants involved in a lawsuit to determine who is most harmful to your health.  Well, sort of.  The Heart Attack Grill, an Arizona eatery, filed a federal lawsuit against the owners of Heart Stoppers Sports Grill, a Florida restaurant, accusing […]

Just In Time For Christmas – – Lawsuits, Snowball Fights, and Michael Bolton

 Here’s some humor for the holidays: A very funny post from Faces of Lawsuit  It is a 2009 poll of the most ridiculous lawsuits of the year.  My vote was for the April winner: "Tourist sues New York club after she slipped while dancing on top of the bar."  (story here). The judge carefully examined […]

Business Litigation Blog Roundup

Here are some quick hits from Blogs I read around the country on business litigation. Dionne Searcey of the Wall Street Journal law blog reports on the intellectual property fight over the red, white, and blue "Hope" image of President Barrack Obama created by Los Angeles artist Shepard Fairey.  Fairey is claiming his rights to […]

Connecticut Business Litigation Roundup

Here is a round up of a few interesting business lawsuits making news in Connecticut this past week:  Smoking Gun "Crap" Email In Case Watched by Wall Street In Pursuit Partners, LLC v. UBS AG, et al., a 35 million dollar prejudgment remedy was awarded in favor of a Connecticut hedge fund against UBS.  Judge Blawie issued the […]

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